OK, we called that one completely wrong.  Three weeks ago we reviewed the first episode of I’m a Celebrity and made some predictions which, as per usual, we got completely wrong.  We have now had the season finale, so we thought we would take a look at the series, at our predictions and why we got it so wrong.

Holly and Dec

Actually this was one of the few things we sort of got right.  Holly is no Ant, but if I was the Schofe, I would be worried.  She has proven her prowess as prime time comedy presenter (not just a pretty face in a pretty frock which seems to be the role that she adopts on Dancing on Ice).  Now this is no surprise for those of us who have followed Holly’s career from kids TV (“one and a half meteerrrrs”.  Google “Cakey Skate” and it will all make sense).    But TV execs like to pigeon hole people, so this has been an excellent shop front for her range of presenting abilities.  And also her range of clothes. Not sure where to start on that but short shorts, clumpy boots and high-necked tops are now officially a trend.  Great in Australia in the summer, but probably not the best choice for visiting the Christmas markets in the UK.

 The Contestants

The contestants fell into 3 clear categories:

Nice, but uninteresting

Sair, Malik, Rita and James all found themselves in this category.  All of them came across as lovely people who you would happily take home to meet the parents (well you may have to apologise for Rita’s Anglo Saxon language) but that was about it.   It’s not surprising that three of this group were the first three out.

Novel, but not winners

Noel, Ann and Nick all fell into this category.   Noel “last in first out” Edmonds was this years worst kept surprise.  But like Danny Baker before him, sticking a big character in after the group has formed it s relationships never works.  He neither stirred it up (like Iain Lee did last year) nor did he endear himself with the camp or viewers.  He was just mildly amusing/irritating depending on your take and so made a speedy exit with a handsome pay check.

We commented that Ann Hegarty could be one to watch.  We were wrong.  It was Ann that did all the watching.  Whilst her raising the awareness of Asperger’s and autism is commendable, her lack of involvement in camp life and her constant exclusion from bush tucker trials on medical grounds soon wore thin with viewers and she was dispatched back to  her local pub quiz.

Nick Knowles was exactly what we all expected him to be; a nice bloeky alpha male.  Admittedly one that sings like Lee Marvin, but we discovered he knew his way around a wood whittling knife.

Surprise Stars

Which brings us to our final four, John, Fleur, Emily  and Harry.  We commented that Barroman’s antics would either annoy or endear, and it would appear it was the latter.  There again, who can’t love a man who completed the last week of the series with his foot in a surgical boot covered in a bin liner.    One of the most touching scenes in the whole series was when on discovering that a rather delicate Ann was a huge Doctor Who fan told her that if she had any problems, to come and see him and “Captain Jack would sort it out”.  Ann blushed and squirmed like a teenage girl meeting her idol.  Interestingly no one did that when they met a true-blue pop idol in James.

Speaking of pop idols, we didn’t even mention Fleur East in our original review.  What a revelation.  What a character.  What a voice.  What amazing skin and hair!  Fleur really has shone as an all-rounder. She can sing, dance and be funny.  A triple threat if ever there was one.

Someone who absolutely cannot dance is Emily.  We were so far off track with her it is untrue.  We labelled her as annoying.  Hands up, we got that wrong.  At the start of the series she was a glamorous actress who screamed at every challenge; by the end of the series she was a freckly actress who screamed at every challenge but was flaming funny to boot.  (Also, how did I not realise that she as Kate Robbins daughter!).   For me, she has been the revelation of the whole series and not just because I have now witnessed someone who can dance worse than me.

Which brings us onto King of the Jungle Harry.  We labelled him as “dopey” three weeks ago.  Sorry Harry.  What we didn’t see in episode one was that Harry is that rare species; a happily married footballer.  His total commitment and love of Sandra (who we finally saw on Friday night) endeared him to the camp and the nation.  Harry is from a bygone era.  He was chivalrous, funny and grumpy.   He is the perfect grandpa and deserved winner.

So there you go.  We may spend most of our time watching TV but even we sometimes get it hopelessly and completely wrong when it comes to reality TV.  With that in mind, we predict the one with the best business idea to win The Apprentice and the one that the public likes the best to win Strictly.

I’m a Celebrity is currently available on ITV Hub.

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